What is e-Valet?

Submitted by Joel Barriga on Fri, 07/09/2021 - 09:00

Managed Print Services is one of the key benefits you receive when you partner with an experienced print vendor. Tracking printing costs, auto-shipping toner, and keeping invoices organized are just some of the factors that can come with a Managed Print Services agreement, but here at STPT, we go one step further, with our comprehensive solution known as eValet.  

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (or MPS) refers to the extra services provided by the copier/printer vendor of your choice. What’s included in these services vary depending on the vendor, but they’re intended to minimize disruptions in office processes, maximize device functionality and usage, and lastly, understand and manage your printing costs. Some vendor’s MPS are more comprehensive than others, but they are usually designed to provide similar benefits.  

At Strategic Technology Partners of Texas, our approach to Managed Print Services is known as eValet.  

What does eValet entail?

The first thing that eValet provides STPT’s customers with is one phone number to contact for assistance. This minimizes confusion, improves response time, and helps businesses optimize their fleet for maximum efficiency and productivity. Other features include:  

  • Auto supplies and meter readings 
  • Proactive multivendor service and support 
  • Dashboard reporting 
  • Simplified invoices/billing 
  • Smarter future purchasing decisions by utilizing all of the above information 


How Will it Benefit My Company?

Printing is easily the third-highest expense in any business/organization, and most businesses have no idea how much they’re actually spending on printing until they can view and directly study their costs and printing behaviors. In order to gain this information, you need to do a comprehensive assessment of your print environment. You can’t manage what you don’t know, and without an MPS agreement, especially if you purchased from a retail giant like Walmart or Best Buy, you can’t effectively understand your total cost per page.  

eValet provides a variety of additional benefits, such as:  

  • Improving cost management and control 
  • Improving productivity and availability 
  • Improving security and compliance 
  • Being significantly more environmentally sustainable 

Now What?

Now that you know exactly what you’re getting out of a Managed Print Services agreement with us, you can feel more confident in our abilities to maximize your productivity and improve your office processes with personalized solutions for your business. For further information on Managed Print Services, read our articles on 5 Reasons Why You Need Managed Print Services, and Benefits of Investing in a Maintenance Plan for Your Multifunction Printer.  

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