5 Managed Print Services Providers in DFW (2024) 

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Tue, 04/02/2024 - 07:18
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Managed print services offer many benefits to businesses, but where do you find a quality managed print provider? 

If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there are a lot of options to choose from, and it can be difficult to narrow down the provider you want to use.  

As a local print vendor that also offers managed print services to consumers, it’s our job to keep track of the competition and note the companies you have to choose from while searching for a provider to implement managed print into your business. 

So, in that vein, we will be highlighting five different companies in the Metroplex that have a history of success in the managed print services field.  

These companies are listed in no particular order, and we can’t guarantee that they are the best in the DFW area. To maintain neutrality, we will also be exempting ourselves from this list. 

The goal of this blog is to give you a sense of the options out there, so you’re not lost when trying to find a managed print services provider in the Dallas area. 

Before we dive into the list, though, let’s briefly go over what managed print services (MPS) are and how they work to help businesses achieve a more efficient print environment: 

What Are Managed Print Services?  

Managed print services are a service offered by companies with the goal of controlling your printing-related expenses and optimizing your overall print environment. 

The way managed print services work will vary by company, but you will typically make a monthly payment to have one source manage your entire fleet of machines. 

This can include everything from automatically shipping your supplies to offering recommendations on which machines are underperforming and which ones are being overused.  

Managed print services have many benefits to them, including: 

  • Cost management and control 

  • Asset optimization  

  • Centralized printing solution  

  • Added security and compliance  

  • Environmental sustainability 

Managed print services are broad, and their benefits and eligibility requirements will differ depending on which one you go with.    

For instance, some vendors require a minimum number of machines to implement managed print services, and most do not include Inkjet printers or non-networked devices as a part of the service.     

Companies that have a messy print environment and are consistently paying more than they should benefit greatly from what managed print services have to offer. 

There are not a ton of cons to managed print if you have a general need for them, but you must qualify for them for it to work.  

If your print environment is not disorganized and you’re not paying excessively high printing bills, then investing in managed print will not be worth it for you.  

Read the blogs below to learn more about managed print services:  

5 Managed Print Services Providers in Dallas-Fort-Worth 

Now, let’s get to the five companies we will highlight in this blog that sell managed print services.  

This list was compiled using industry insight and online research, and shouldn’t be taken as anything more than a list of options you have if you are interested in managed print: 

  1. CMIT Solutions of Dallas 

CMIT Solutions of Dallas is predominantly an IT support company that has over 240 locations across North America. 

They have exclusive partnerships with tech companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Lexmark and Intuit, among others.  

Their managed print services entail a “Selection,” “Support” and “Manage” infrastructure. See the graphic below for more details (courtesy of their website):  

In the Dallas area, their locations are concentrated in the White Rock and Highland Park areas.  

  1. FTG Texas 

FTG Texas is another option you have for managed print in the DFW area, as they are a company that specifically specializes in print solutions for businesses. 

Founded in 1978 and now a part of the Flex Technology Group (FTG) family of companies, FTG Texas has a history of saving clients between 7-15% or more on their printing costs, according to their website.  

They use their In-Depth FTG Texas Assessment to create programs that are custom-built for clients, and they have a five-step process for implementing their managed print services. See the graphic below for those five steps, according to their website: 

They have five locations in different parts of the country, but their Dallas location is in Farmers Branch, TX.  

  1. Intelinet Systems 

Intelinet Systems, founded in 1982, is another Dallas-based company that offers managed print services as a part of its many other “Solutions and Services” offerings.  

They maintain partnerships with AT&T, Cisco and Dell and are a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner. 

They have three tiers of managed print that you can choose from: Managed Wise MPS Essentials, Managed Wise MPS Enhanced and Managed Wise MPS Elite. 

See the chart below for a comparison of the programs, courtesy of their website:  


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Their Dallas-area headquarters are located in Richardson, TX. 

  1. MFD Business Solutions 

MFD Business Solutions is a full-service provider of printers/copiers that has office locations in the DFW area, as well as the Houston area.  

They are an authorized Kyocera Copystar service provider and their managed print services come with many benefits, including: 

  • Reducing cost 

  • Improving productivity 

  • Lowering capital expenditures  

  • Reducing your environmental footprint 

  • Strengthen information security 

Their office location in the Metroplex is in Addison, TX. See the image below for a summary of their managed print services, courtesy of their website:  

  1. Datamax Inc. 

The last company on this list is Datamax, Inc., which is a company that was founded in 1955 that works to provide support for “cost-effective technology-based solutions that improve organizational workflow,” according to their website.  

They have a broad managed print services program that can (according to their website): 

  • Implement print policies to cut costs and waste 

  • Eliminate uncollected print jobs with Secure Print release  

  • Gain full print visibility by department or individual with actionable reports 

  • Authorize users to control who, when, and how they print 

  • Enable BYOD printing and manage in a secure environment 

Their Dallas-Fort Worth location is in Coppell, TX.  

Datamax’s Managed Print Services page: 

Which Managed Print Services Provider Is Right for You? 

Now that you’ve seen five companies that offer managed print services, which one should you go with? 

The answer to that question depends entirely on your preferences, goals and location, among other things. It’s not going to be the same for everyone. 

There might be other managed print providers that are closer to your area or seem more beneficial to your specific situation that was not stated on this list. You should always look around to vet out your options and make sure you’re making the right decision when it comes to choosing a provider. 

It should also be stated that printer brands, like HP, Canon and Xerox, offer their own version of managed print that may be the best choice for you.

But the five companies listed here today will at least give you a head start on your research process and should begin to narrow down your list of potential providers. 

Choosing the company that has your best interests at heart is paramount because managed print services need to be carried out the right way in order for you to benefit from them. 

As a vendor that has our own managed print service, eValet, we know first-hand how much work goes into executing a successful managed print services strategy. 

If you would like to see how we do managed print at STPT, read through our blog on what eValet can do for your company to see if it’s something you might be interested in.