What is Y-Soft's 3D Printer and Learning Academy?

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Y Soft has been known for their print management software for copiers/printers that allows companies to track, analyze, and control costs of the machine and supplies. 


These benefits, and the other abilities print management provides, make owning and controlling the cost of copier fleets manageable.  


This background in print management allowed Y Soft to release a 3D printer integrated with print management – the first comprehensive solution for managing 3D and 2D printer fleets in the industry.  


Stand-alone 3D printers can be costly, hard to manage, difficult to incorporate into curriculum, and often end up underutilized. 


Y Soft’s 3D printer with print management and Learning Academy solve these problems, making 3D printers less stressful and easy to implement into your business or school. 


Why 3D printers?  


Regardless of what brand you buy, as long as it’s a quality-built machine, 3D printers provide an interactive and engaging experience for the users. 


You can use 3D printers in the business environment.   


Engage your office by printing prototypes that can be physically handled and examined before creating the real thing. You can also print a product or different parts that can be assembled together.  


You can use 3D printers in the education sector.  


3D printers provide interactive projects for schools that are sure to get your students excited for learning by creating an immersive and hands-on experience. 


If you plan to invest in a 3D printer, we recommend Y Soft due to the enclosed design, the added print management software, and the Learning Academy for the education sector. 


Y Soft’s be3D eDee printer  


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Whether you are creating three-dimensional prototypes in the business environment or enhancing student’s education with interactive projects, Y Soft’s 3D printer will enhance the learning experiences.   


Tested and approved by teachers, the 3D printer is designed with the education environment in mind. However, it can certainly be used in the business environment as well. 


The enclosed design provides maximum safety for users. While the print gets created, the doors will stay locked, preventing users from getting hurt by the heat or movable parts. 


Additionally, only those with proper credentials can access the printer. The IT team or designated administrator can have complete control over who has access to the machine. 


If your school uses ID cards, an ID reader can be added to the top of the printer, allowing students and faculty to scan their badge for use. 


You can also log in with a username and password on the touchscreen interface. This interface is where the user will start and finish their design. The printer settings are found on this screen. 


The door on the side of the printer that houses the filament, the material that is used to create the objects, is only accessible by an administrator.  


If your business decides to invest in a 3D printer, the opportunities are endless, especially (if in the education sector) with the addition of the Learning Academy. 


Y Soft’s Learning Academy 


Research tells us, “35% [of educational professionals] needed ideas and materials to incorporate 3D printing into lesson plans.” 


Y Soft has solved this problem by creating a Learning Academy with lesson plans designed around the STEM subjects.   


With worksheets, presentations, videos, and more, students can work together to plan and create a three-dimensional project. There are also remote lesson plans available. 

 Each lesson plan is ISTE standard compliant.  


3D printers, along with the Learning Academy, create an immersive educational experience designed to simplify complex processes and immerse students in the learning process. 



Y Soft’s print management 


While 3D printers provide the benefits discussed above, there are several problems you may run into if you purchase a stand-alone 3D printer.  


Some of the problems with stand-alone 3D printers are: 


  1. Cost management 

  1. Underutilizing the printer 

  1. Struggling to incorporate into lesson plans 

  1. No clear management of the printer 


Of course, the Learning Academy resolves problem 3. The other issues are solved with the help of Y Soft’s print management software. 


Through Y Soft’s print management software, an administrator can track, analyze, and take action to control the cost of the printer post-purchase.  


The IT team or the designated administrator can manage the settings and basic maintenance on the touchscreen interface.  


You’ll be able to monitor which devices are over or underutilized and track how much filament has been used and remaining in each device via the print management reports.  


Without print management software, you will struggle with the four problems listed above.  


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Are 3D printers right for you?  


3D printers can bring new and exciting opportunities to the classroom or office. However, they aren’t for everyone. 


Businesses without a tangible product or need to build prototypes don’t need 3D printers, while some schools or businesses might not be ready to invest just yet. 


We can help determine if a 3D printer is right for you and/or answer any questions you may have.  


Contact us below to continue the discussion about Y Soft’s 3D printers.  



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