Servicing Your Own Machine? 3 Reasons Why It's a Bad Idea

Submitted by Matthew Eberhart on Fri, 09/24/2021 - 15:14
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Having a copier or printer break or go out of service is always a big hassle. It can put a lot of your office processes on hold, and your organization could be wasting valuable time while it gets fixed.  

As experienced Xerox print vendors, we know how tempting it might be to just try and figure the problem out yourself. It can’t be as hard as it seems, right?  

Actually, copiers and printers are very intricate machines. They have a lot of functioning mechanisms inside them and are unlike most other electronic devices. We’ve seen countless people try to fix their own machine, so we’ve compiled the 3 reasons why it just really isn’t a good idea.   

Reason #1: Lack of Documentation 

Being able to document important changes to your device is a lot more critical than you’d think. We all have had that experience where you get a new blender or electronic device, and you immediately throw the manual away before reading it, just to realize later that you have no idea how to put it together. Printer manuals work in a similar way, except they also include all of the proper parts that your device contains, as well as the exact numbers you need for them.  

Having a proper record of your service history will help you keep track of all the problems you might be experiencing, then you can tell if it’s a new issue or a repeat problem that’s happened in the past. It can also help you keep track of when your machine might reach the end of its life expectancy. 

Reason #2: Lack of Experience 

Copiers and printers are intricate machines, especially as they get bigger and have more finishing options added onto them. There are so many different parts, functions, and mechanics that can get incredibly confusing if you’re not an experienced technician. Without a proper working knowledge of a complex printer, it’s more likely that you’ll break something else trying to fix the original problem.  

Experienced service technicians can take a printer apart with their eyes closed, know exactly what is wrong, and how to fix it quickly. They can diagnose the issue with your printer, either have the parts on-hand or order them and have your machine up and running without any hassle or stress on your end.

There’s no reason to make your life harder than it has to be when it comes to fixing a complicated machine like a multifunction printer.   

Reason #3: Availability and Cost of Parts 

Like most cars, phones, computers, and other forms of technology, specific printers require specific parts. You can’t take the fuser from one device and put it into another, just like you can’t take the chip from one computer and put it into a different one.  

And unlike computer chips or auto parts, copier/printer equipment parts are a little trickier to come by. If you knew the exact part that you needed, you might be able to look through the internet and find it eventually, but this means there’s a chance of it lacking any important updates, not to mention the small fortune it’ll cost you.  

Xerox is the only place that you can be certain you’re getting the correct parts from with all the updates and fixes but buying from them directly definitely isn’t cheap. Having a service contract means your repair technician has automatic access to the exact parts your machine needs, and you won’t have to buy them yourselves or pay full retail price.  

What Should I Do Instead of Trying to Fix My Machine Myself? 

I know I work for a Xerox partner, and anything I say could be biased or suspect, but I’ve seen a thing or two and I have an in-depth knowledge of costs of contracts, parts, and everything in between. I’m here to tell you: get a service contract. If you own a LaserJet printer of any kind, and you can put it on a contract, do it.  

All copiers/printers are mechanical devices, and all machines will need service from time to time. That’s why it’s better to pay a little every month so that you don’t have to empty your savings account when your machine goes down. Service technicians that are dispatched to work on your machine will be able to order as many parts as the job needs, and the costs will be covered.  

Also, technicians that work on contracted machines are highly trained on other things than just changing a bad part. If a controller board in the copier needs replacement, then it’s more than likely going to need to be reprogrammed in a very particular way. The necessary software is usually unavailable to the public, due to the sensitivity of the machines, and their ability to accept different software. Even if you manage to get the software, you won’t know how to load it in the proper order.  

Let Us Help You  

Now that you understand the importance of not trying to DIY your own copier repairs, you might want to look into getting a service contract or a maintenance plan. We have an article all about the Benefits of Investing in a Maintenance Plan for Your Multifunction Printer, which will walk you through how your organization can save time, money, and effort, and keep your machines running faster and more efficiently.  

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