Xerox Introduces “Everyday Toner” for Major Printer Brands

Submitted by Michaela McMellan on Tue, 09/15/2020 - 09:00
Toner cartridges and boxes

Toner is an essential part of owning a copier/printer. No matter the reason for purchase (personal, business, school), you’re going to need to purchase toner, which can be expensive.  

The toner industry has historically made you choose between affordable or quality toner. 

If you opt for high-quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) toner, which most businesses need, the price can add up. 

However, opting for inexpensive drill and fill toners lead to ink spills, hazardous materials, and repeated service repairs. 

Luckily, Xerox has introduced a newly manufactured toner called “Everyday Toner” to the market that’s available for most name-brand copiers/printers.  

What Is Newly Manufactured Toner? 

Newly manufactured toners are one of the four different types of toners. They are made by other manufacturers, not the original machine manufacturer. For example, the Everyday Toners are made by Xerox but are used for other printer brands, such as Canon or Kyocera. 

These toners are made up of compatible parts and tested to ensure effectiveness. However, it takes reputable manufacturers time to design and test a new manufacturing process.  Do not buy this product from unknown manufacturers. Read reviews carefully.  

Xerox “Everyday Toner” 

This new line of affordable newly manufactured toner is made for non-Xerox printers. 

They provide reliability and performance from a top brand, the inventor of the industry, Xerox. If you’re planning on buying newly manufactured toner, you should buy from an industry-leading brand known for their quality products. 

There is no ridiculous price or hidden costs, and you don’t have to choose between printer brands. Xerox has made this toner available for most major printer brands. 







Konica Minolta 


Xerox Everyday Toner meets or exceeds industry environmental compliance standards and safety certifications that ensure proper use and disposal of chemicals and electrical components. 

If you plan on buying a newly manufactured toner, it’s important to buy from a trusted brand to avoid faulty or cheaply made products. Xerox provides a lifetime warranty and a no-hassle return policy, something you won’t find with no-name manufacturers.  

Do You Need Xerox's Everyday Toner?  

If you’re interested in these Everyday Toners, contact us today. We can get you set up with an auto toner shipment service that will automatically send the toners when your machine is running low.