How To Change a Xerox Drum Cartridge for Xerox Models 3610, 3615, 3655, B400, and B405.

Submitted by Matthew Eberhart on Mon, 10/30/2023 - 09:37

Welcome to another episode/installment of printer maintenance mastery! If you've ever wondered how to change the drum on your Xerox 3610, 3615, 3655, B400, B405 printer, you're in the right place. We understand that a well-functioning printer is crucial for your daily tasks, so let's dive into the step-by-step process to ensure your drum replacement goes off without a hitch.

Before we embark on this journey, it's essential to acknowledge that a malfunctioning printer often means a frustrated audience. And by audience, we mean you – the one dealing with the printer troubles. So, if you're here, your printer might indeed be acting up. Fear not, because a drum replacement is on the horizon, and we've got your back!

Step 1: Opening the Front Door (0:23)

The curtain rises with the opening act – opening the front door of your Xerox B405 printer. Find the designated latch or release mechanism, and with the confidence of a seasoned performer, swing that door wide open. The stage is set for the drum replacement extravaganza.

Open door


Step 2: Removing the Toner (0:27)

A round of applause for those who've mastered the art of toner removal from our previous episode. If you missed it, no worries – it's a simple maneuver. Slide out the toner cartridge with the ease of someone who's been doing it forever and set it aside; it will have its moment in the spotlight again soon.

Remove Toner

Step 3: Extracting the Drum (0:38)

Remove TOner 2

Beneath the toner cartridge lies the drum, patiently waiting for its turn in the limelight. With a handle at the bottom, pull it out gracefully. There's an orange handle on the top waiting for your command – grab it and remove the drum like a pro.

Remove Drum

Now, let's talk about the delicate handling of the new drum. Unwrap it with care, treating the green surface like the fragile masterpiece it is. Lay it on the guides, and with a gentle slide, let it find its place. But wait – release the orange handle because, you guessed it, it's spring-loaded.

Dont touch the green


Step 4: Inserting the New Drum (1:15)

No touch green

As the drum settles into its new home, grab the bottom black handle. Let it slide in naturally, and revel in the satisfying click as it locks securely in place. This is the moment you've been waiting for – the successful insertion of a new drum.

Step 5: Reuniting with the Toner (1:26)

Time to bring back the toner cartridge, the faithful companion in this printer drama. Slide it back in, locking it into position like the final piece of a well-assembled puzzle. The chemistry between the drum and toner is palpable, ensuring a harmonious printing experience.

replace drum

Step 6: Closing the Front Door (1:31)

And now, for the grand finale – close the front door. It's not just closing a door; it's sealing the deal on your flawless drum replacement performance. The audience (you) erupts in silent applause, knowing that the printer is now ready for its next act.

replace toner


In the vast world of printer maintenance, changing the drum cartridge on your Xerox B405 is a skill worth mastering. By following these steps with precision and a touch of finesse, you've successfully navigated the intricate choreography of drum replacement. As the curtain falls on this episode, remember that a well-maintained printer is the key to uninterrupted productivity. Until next time, happy printing!

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