​Xerox VersaLink B7130 Printer Review: Pros, Cons, Cost

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Mon, 07/18/2022 - 07:06

How do you find the right printer for you and where do you find access to authentic information? 

As a long-time local print vendor, we recognize the need for true and objective information when making an expensive office equipment purchase. We also realize the gap between the need for honest information and the lack of it out there. 

That is where we try to make a difference. Using our industry expertise, we provide consumers with the knowledge they need without any sort of catch or ulterior motive.  


​Xerox VersaLink B7125 Printer Review: Pros, Cons, Cost 

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Mon, 07/11/2022 - 07:04

There are reviews for almost everything: Movies, food, music, and everything else in-between. 

But where do you find an accurate review of a printer model for your office that is free of bias and partiality? 

If those characteristics are what you seek, you don’t have to look any further than this article right here. 

We’ve been in the industry of selling printers/copiers for over 35 years now and have changed accordingly with the modern-day buyer, who simply wants access to true information so they can make their own purchasing decision without interference. 


Xerox VersaLink C7000 Printer Review: Pros, Cons and Cost    

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Tue, 07/05/2022 - 07:05

There are two objectives that all businesses can get behind: Increasing productivity in the workplace and saving money over the long haul. 

One of the ways you can accomplish those goals is by forgoing the cheap retail printer options and investing in a machine that will serve as a long-term printing solution for your company. 

Over our 35 years in the industry, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits reaped from consumers when buying a permanent office machine, but the type of printer you need will vary, and education is essential to finding the right one for you. 


Xerox VersaLink C600 Printer Review: Pros, Cons and Costs

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Mon, 06/27/2022 - 07:07

Finding the right printer for your office is much harder than you think. 

That is the conclusion we’ve come to after spending over 35 years in the printer industry and working with a plethora of businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to massive school districts, in finding the exact machine they need to effectively run their daily business operations. 

Many consumers purchase a printer based on the merits of price, and while some situations are well-suited for a cheaper retail option, others need a more comprehensive solution. 


Xerox VersaLink C500 Printer Review: Pros, Cons and Cost

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Mon, 06/20/2022 - 07:03

It’s understandable why buying the most affordable printer is an attractive option. 

Not only does it cost less, but it requires little effort to find a machine that will be “good enough” for the time being.  

The problem with the “cheapest option” logic is that buying a printer just because it’s cheap, and subsequently ignoring the volume you need a machine to handle, can lead you to pay more in the long run for service issues, supplies and a replacement because the cheap printer ended up being unsuitable for your printing needs. 

Xerox VersaLink B610 Printer Review: Pros, Cons and Cost

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Mon, 06/13/2022 - 07:01

Buying an office printer used to be so simple.  

Back in the day, you would go to the closest retail store and grab whatever machine was in stock, being that it was just a printer, and it did exactly that: print. 

Just like almost every piece of technology, printers have grown from their basic assumptive state to an advanced, multifaceted version of their preceding self and are now looked at as an investment by many companies. 

Xerox VersaLink B600 Printer Review: Pros, Cons and Cost

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Mon, 06/06/2022 - 07:06

There’s a printing solution for almost every situation you can think of. 

Some require an extensive evaluation while others know the exact machine they want right away. 

No matter your situation, all business circumstances necessitate a thorough and wide-ranging assessment to determine the optimal print solution for you. 

Without access to the right information, you might be coaxed into purchasing a machine that’s inadequate for your printing goals, which can be costly from a money and time standpoint. 

Xerox PrimeLink B9136 Printer Review: Pros, Cons and Cost

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Tue, 05/31/2022 - 07:05

As you research for a new printer, you might be thinking to yourself: “Is there an honest review of this printer model anywhere?” 

You might easily find the positives about the machine you’re looking into, but what about the negatives? If you’re like most brands, the limitations of a product aren’t usually expounded upon in the way that “the good things” about the product are. 

Access to unbiased and accurate information is what you need, and through our 35 years as a local print vendor, we’ve accumulated the knowledge and adapted the progressive mindset to deliver both.  

Xerox PrimeLink B9125 Printer Review: Pros, Cons and Cost

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Mon, 05/23/2022 - 06:59

Most consider printers a passive purchase for the workplace rather than an investment that can increase office productivity.  

The truth is that technological advancements have resulted in the modernization of printers from basic functional machines to evolved assets that include user interfaces, mobile applications and cloud-based services, among other things. 

Advanced would be the ideal way to describe the machine we’ll be reviewing today, the Xerox PrimeLink B9125. 

Xerox PrimeLink B9110 Printer Review: Pros, Cons and Cost 

Submitted by Nolan Fowler on Mon, 05/16/2022 - 07:15

Unique situations require unique solutions. 

Such is the case for printer-seekers who need an advanced printer for their office but also require one that can make production-style prints, like calendars and booklets. 

The Xerox PrimeLink B9110 model is a conduit between an office multifunction printer and an advanced production unit and could be a fit for you if you align with the above scenario. 

As a print vendor for 35 years, we’ve gathered the requisite knowledge to compile an accurate summation of the PrimeLink B9110 model to help assist you in your printer research process.  

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