Xerox Standard Accounting: Setting Print Quota Parameters

Submitted by Joel Metzler on Mon, 11/15/2021 - 08:09

When was the last time that you checked how much your organization was printing? Was it last month? Year? Maybe never? 

It’s pretty common for most businesses to overlook print costs, and focus on other, more pressing expenses. However, as a reputable print vendor we’ve seen organizations do just that, and then panic once they realize how much they’re actually printing. 

That’s why we typically recommend some form of managed print services. And for companies not looking to spend money on anything fancy, Xerox Standard Accounting is the perfect solution, because it allows you to create personalized user profiles, and then set parameters on how much those users are allowed to print.  

How to Choose a Printer for Your Budget and Business Needs

Submitted by Mary Eberhart on Wed, 10/20/2021 - 15:11

If your business or organization is looking for a new printer, then it’s likely that you’ve compiled some sort of budget together. Maybe you have a rough idea of how much you’re willing to spend upfront, or if you choose to lease, how much you can afford to pay monthly.  

The problem is, those who aren’t familiar with the copier/printer industry aren’t usually aware of copier/printer prices, and the variables that go into calculating them.

Xerox AltaLink C8130 vs. Toshiba e-STUDIO 3015AC (Features, Cost, Security)

Submitted by Joel Barriga on Fri, 10/15/2021 - 10:32

Looking for the right multifunction printer for your office can be a tedious task. With so many different brands to choose from, all with their distinct advantages and price points, it can be overwhelming, especially if you understand the importance of choosing the right machine.  

As a copier/printer vendor that's been in the industry for 35 years,  we have a lot of knowledge when it comes to which print features certain organizations might be looking for. We work closely with many businesses to determine their budget, print volume, and desired functions, to make sure that they have everything they need for their business to be as productive as possible. In our time as a vendor, we've interacted with plenty of customers who are all interested in the differences and similarities between printer brands. 


5 Ways that Digital Printing Can Impact Your Marketing Strategies

Submitted by Mary Eberhart on Fri, 10/08/2021 - 10:01

 Have you been looking for different ways to boost your organization’s marketing efforts? Maybe you’ve heard a bit about the advancements made in digital printing technology, and you might be thinking of investing or upgrading your current technology.  

Digital printing has come a long way, but most businesses don’t realize how valuable of a tool it can be when it comes to marketing. There are so many ways for your printer to bring you direct revenue through marketing initiatives, but we’ve compiled a list of five major ones to get you started.  



4 Ways That Having Personalized User Accounts Can Benefit Your Organization

Submitted by Joel Barriga on Mon, 09/27/2021 - 11:48

While it might seem like a minor inconvenience to some, constantly looking through apps just to find the same one that you use every day is a waste of valuable time that could be spent working. That’s why we’ve found one of the best solutions for organizations with multiple users assigned to print is personalized individual user accounts, made possible with Xerox ConnectKey Technology.  


Xerox vs. Toshiba: Company History and Device Comparison

Submitted by Joel Barriga on Wed, 09/15/2021 - 15:34

Searching for the right multifunction printer for your business can be a hassle. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to feel sure you’re getting the best machine for your money.  

As authorized Xerox vendors, we understand the bias that we might place on Xerox devices. Because of that, we decided to write an article comparing two of the biggest print brands out there, and specifically two of their multifunction printers.  


Your Guide to Xerox Digital Printing Solutions

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/10/2021 - 09:00


Digital printing has come a long way. While it used to be known as the cheaper, but lower quality alternative to offset printing, technology has helped advancements in digital printing bring it right up to par. But many organizations and businesses aren’t aware of the benefits that digital printing can bring them.

As a Xerox vendor in the DFW area, we’ve worked with a lot of companies that are interested in production-style printers, but can’t justify spending the extra money on a big offset printer. That’s where Xerox’s new digital printing technology comes into play.  

What is eConcierge?

Submitted by Mary Eberhart on Fri, 09/03/2021 - 09:36

Reordering printing supplies is a hassle. Most of the time, you don’t even know you’re running low until you’re completely out, and navigating the toner aisle at the nearest office equipment store can be intimidating or sometimes even impossible.  

Luckily, Xerox has a program that can not only take the guesswork out of measuring toner levels, but even assist you in reordering and provide you with free service calls.  

Xerox’s eConcierge program is designed to eliminate that additional hurdle in your workplace and allow you and your employees to focus on other endeavors that demand your attention.  


What is Color Tracking, and How Do I Implement It?

Submitted by Joel Barriga on Wed, 08/11/2021 - 15:17


Do you know how much your organization is spending on color prints? When was the last time that you took a look at your printing records, or your invoices? 

Printing can become a big cost for businesses that aren’t keeping up with their print volume, and especially color printing. That’s why as an experienced print vendor we recommend all businesses to utilize some form of print management or color tracking.  


Xerox WorkCentre 6515 Multifunction Printer Review (Pros, Cons, Features)

Submitted by Keith Metzler on Mon, 08/09/2021 - 14:48

If you’ve found yourself on this page, it’s likely that you’re looking for the right multifunction printer for your office and came across the Xerox WorkCentre 6515. 

Here at STPT, we’re always striving to provide the best fit for businesses in search of copiers and printers. Keeping our customers informed on all of the different options available is a priority for us, as well as understanding our customers' applications and business needs.  

In order to help you decide if this multifunction printer is right for you, we’ve created an in-depth review highlighting the features, upgrades, pros, cons, and overall cost for the Xerox WorkCentre 6515. 

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