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How to Handle your Copier/Printer During the COVID Pandemic

Submitted by Michaela McMellan on Thu, 07/16/2020 - 15:33

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the workforce in ways nobody could have imagined. Remote work became the new normal and masks became required in most social settings. After several months of lockdown, businesses are opening back up; people are starting to come back to a physical space, and once again sharing office supplies and machines. 

When you return to the office, you could be nervous to share things such as supplies or your copier/printer. 

To help prevent unwanted sickness at your office, we are going to share with you three ways to help your machine stay germ-free. 


How Much Does a Copier/Printer Cost?

Submitted by Mary Eberhart on Thu, 07/16/2020 - 12:44

Searching for the machine that will be helping your team through long days, rushed deadlines, and thousands of prints, scans, or copies, is no small task. You want a machine that is up for the job. However, you first need to know how much a new copier/printer is going to cost. 

We want to be open and honest about what you should be budgeting as you search for your team’s copier/printer. The price is going to depend on what copier/printer is right for your company. 

We’ve listed several of the top factors that will influence which copier is right for your business below.   

The 9 Hidden Costs of Owning or Leasing a Copier/Printer

Submitted by Mary Eberhart on Thu, 07/16/2020 - 12:23

One of the main factors influencing your decision to buy a new copier/printer is likely the cost. A new copier is an investment that will be well worth your money. A high-quality multi-function printer (MFP) provides print, scan, copy, and fax all in one machine to decrease clutter in the office and increase productivity. 

When someone purchases an MFP, they might discover a few charges on the invoice they didn’t expect. People often refer to these as hidden fees.  We are going to discuss several fees that tend to catch people off guard so that there are no surprises in your buying journey. 

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