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Mar 31, 2021
printer security xerox
By Karla Metzler

Have you ever thought about all the different ways you’re exposing your company to cybercrime or data hacks? Did you think that these could occur through your copier/printer? 

Mar 17, 2021
man standing by printer
By Blair Davilla

We all know that sometimes things go wrong. Plans change, calls drop, milk spills, and sometimes, copiers break. When copiers/printers malfunction, this can cause a huge halt in business processes and can leave your office…

Mar 12, 2021
printer apps for legal environment
By Wesley Bowen

If you’re not a lawyer yourself, you might picture a law firm as a room of smartly dressed lawyers doing important research in order to defend their clients in court. And while this might be true, there’s another very…

Mar 5, 2021
By Matthew Eberhart

Copier/printer technology is always evolving in order to better meet customer needs. Now, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different upgrades available for purchase, from Wifi adapters all the way to high-…

Feb 25, 2021
By Karla Metzler

When dealing with contracts and different business initiatives, it’s likely that you will encounter a proposal. Here at STPT, our proposals that we send to customers have several key factors that we find important to…

Feb 12, 2021
woman standing at printer
By Karla Metzler

These days, businesses are always looking for different ways to cut costs and maximize their office productivity. With so many different options out there, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of each one and to…

Feb 5, 2021
By Karla Metzler

Wanting to save money is one thing that a lot of us have in common. If you’ve noticed that your company has been spending quite a bit on color impressions, and you’re looking through the different methods available to…

Feb 1, 2021
By Karla Metzler

Picture this: You have one phone number for your copier, one for your print management, and a completely different one for your service technician. Even worse, they all belong to different brands, creating confusion for…

Jan 28, 2021
man holding stack of papers
By Blair Davilla

“That’s it! My copier’s fax line is broken.”

Before you throw in the towel, let’s discuss the common fax issues we see people…

Jan 26, 2021
black and white toner
By Karla Metzler


On your journey to finding a copier vendor to partner with, we would like to help you by determining if you are an ideal customer for us…